19 Nov 2010

Seabird bonanza off Kaikoura - 19th

Dominic and I got up at 5am and had a quick breakfast before we walked to Albatross Encounters office. The skipper Gary Melville and two other partcipants were waiting for us. Great! Just four birders on the boat, meaning good space for everyone. We left the harbour about 6am. Perfect weather conditions, cloudy and just moderate winds. The 2,5 hours (though the time stood still) peleagic produced following species: Northern Royal Albatross (1), Wandering Albatross (5), White-capped Albatross (3), Salvin's Albatross (4), Northern Giant Petrel (7), Westland Petrel (8), White-chinned Petrel (1), Cape Petrel (60), Southern Cape Petrel (1), Hutton's Shearwater (300), Red-billed Gull (20), Black-billed Gull (1), Black-backed (Kelp) Gull (80) and White-fronted Gull (20). What a great morning and the sample of photos below speak for themself! Dominic went back to Picton in the evening and me myself look forward to another pelagic trip tomorrow.
Adult Salvin's Albatross.
Adult Wandering Albatross coming in!
Dominic in action. Northern Giant Petrels, Salvin's and Wandering Albatross and lot of Cape Petrels.
Adult Salvin's Albatross.
Immature Salvin's Albatross.
Immature White-capped Albatross and Cape Petrels.
A gorgeous adult Wandering Albatross!
Westland Petrel.
Wandering Albatross and Kaikouta Ranges in background.
A beautiful Cape Petrel.
Cape Petrel.
Cape Petrels, Giant Petrels and Wandering Albatross.
Dusky Dolphins.
Dominic were very happy with the pelagic.
The bay of Kaikoura and Kaikoura Ranges with its snowy peaks.


Ulf Ståhle said...

I just say WOW!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing day! Angie