6 Dec 2010

Ulva Island a second time – 6th

Last day on Stewart Island. Quite a sad feeling. I had a last wholesome breakfast at Jo and Andy in company with Colin. Then I enjoyed the Fuchsia walk, continued to Golden Bay and took Peter’s water taxi to Ulva island for a three hours visit. It had rained all night and it was only me and two German guys visiting Ulva in the morning. Wonderful! There was lots of Stewart Island Robins throughout all tracks and at West End Beach I found a pair with a newly fledge bird. I saw three South Island Saddlebacks and heard four singing birds. Two Riflemen, four Yellowheads and at least 20 Brown Creepers is worthy of mention among the usual bird species. Back on the main island I meet Leo, a Dutch birdwatcher, that made a day visit. I packed my things and took farewell to Andy and Jo. Walked a few hundred metres to South Sea Hotel (the southernmost hotel in the world?) and enjoyed a last latte. The ferry left Oban at 3:30pm. Leo and I did some seawatching from after-deck. We saw a few Stewart Island Shags, several White-capped Albatrosses, Sooty Shearwaters and Common Diving Petrels. At Tuatara Lodge I had full-head-shave, a shower and washed my muddy trousers and boats. After these refreshments I headed to A la Turk for a lamb kebab. Delicious! I spent rest of the evening reading and listening to the Cure. Tomorrow I’ll fly to Auckland via Christchurch. I begin to realize that my long journey has an end, but I try to avoid thinking of it. I look forward to three days stay on Tiritiri Matangi!

View from Sydney Cove on Ulva Island.
Newly fledged Stewart Island Robin at West End Beach.
A curious Kaka.
A Black-backed (Kelp) Gull at Ulva Island.
View from the ferry towards the northeastern part of Stewart Island.

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stephanie said...

I love you photo of the fledging robin. They are my favourite birds so curious!