8 Nov 2010

Auckland - Sunday 7 Nov

After about 35 hours travel I finally arrived to Auckland airport at noon on Sunday 7th. Sunny and about 20 degree. Passing through the customs went smoothly, but an unhappy surprise were waiting at the baggage claim. There were no baggage for me and the staff told me it was left behind in Hong Kong. The flight company Cathay Pacific were very helpful and said it would be delivered to my accommodation on Monday, and they gave $NZ130 for the trouble. Outside the airport I took a latte and enjoyed the weather and the took the bus to X Base in central Auckland, where I had booked a double for my arrival as well as prior to my departure. Great place and located close to almost everything in Auckland, for my concerns. Walking distance to the nice harbour and train station. I found several good stores for outdoor life, if my baggage wouldn't arrive on Monday. One learn quickly that it is not so many items in the travelling kit that is very important.

I had a nice afternoon exploring central Auckland. Strange, but having flew all the way to NZ the first bird species I recorded were Starlings, Blackbirds and House Sparrows. I heard and saw a few Myna's (also introduced) during my walk and at the harbour walk I got my first true tick in several nice Red-billed Gulls!

As I were so exhausted after the travel and not much of sleep I got to bed at 19:30 and fell in sleep at once and woke up 10 hours later.
Part of the communal area at Base, which is perfectly located in central Auckland.
View from the University Park with Skycity tower in background.
Adult Red-billed Gull. A real beautie in flight!

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