11 Nov 2010

Travel day to Wellington - Thursday 11th

Got up early and took a three hour walk along Fisher Road and Tupapakurua Falls, as on Tuesday afternoon. Pretty much the same bird species and numbers today. It was cloudy and some drizzle now and then and I felt sorrow for those who intend to undertake the Tongariro Crossing this day. I packed my things, compiled my sightings and headed to the station at noon. Suddenly the weather shifted. Sunshine and decreasing cloud. I took a seat in the small garden and ordered a latte. I absorb the springtime feeling. A lilacbush (syren) were flowering, Starlings had hatched and lot of beautiful and tiny daisy in the grass. I just enjoy the moment as the train were delayed about an hour.

The second part of the Tranz Scenic between Auckland and Wellington were at times just amazing and breathtaking! Highly recommended for future visitors. I arrived to Wellington at 8pm. Had a nice walk in the evening along the waterfront to the slope of Mount Victoria where XBase backpackers is located. After a nice shower and seafood take away it's time for bed. Tomorrow I will certainly have a nice lie-in!

Enjoying a latte in the garden of the train station. Celebrating the arrival of spring!
The train (Tranz Scenic) to Wellington. A six hour long, but awesome,  travel!

Part of the Tararua Range.
Kapiti Island, located north of Wellington and 8 kms off the coast. The island is a rodent-free bird and marine sanctuary.
Part of Wellington in the evening seen from the waterfront.

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Fantastiskt! Hoppas du har det bra på din resa.

Hälsningar Dean